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After speaking with "Chef 911 meals" back and forth, for about a day (I am so cautious), I finally ordered. Boy am I happy I did! The food smelled amazing and tasted just as wonderful. My meals were delivered to my place of work, which made it convenient for my weekly meal prep. I tasted each meal last night to see what I thought, as I am new to this...and it was soo good, even cold! What a wonderful option. I usually spend all day Sunday cooking for the week, but I got to spend it with my family instead. I know how I will meal prep next week too, Chef 911! :)

Casie Christopher

911 Chef Meals was the perfect addition to our crazy baseball nights. I can’t stand stopping for fast food because of the price and quality.. this service made it SO easy for me to get a meal that was good for my kids on a night when I needed the additional help! Fresh & delicious, my (picky) kids scarfed it down!! Thanks 911 Chef Meals for helping us mommas out!!

Alexis Nelson

Excellent fresh healthy meal choice! I’ll definitely be ordering again! I couldn’t purchase the ingredients for the price of this meal!

Kimberly Higgins

I loved it. My kids loved it. I especially love the low carb options!

Beth Adams LaBrosse

Maraih Wallace

My kids loved the meal from 911 Chefs!!!

Thank you, "Chef 911 Meals", for helping my family prepare for this week ahead while I recover from surgery. I snuck a little taste and all three meals are fabulous. I also appreciate the low carb option for me. Please send us the menus each week. Thanks again. 

The Fassbender's

I have to say that we had the Option 3 tonight. The cheeseburger bacon casserole. It came with a wonderful mixed vegetable medley and a fresh spinach salad with beautiful vinaigrette. I'm thrilled.

Kristi Underwood Louque

I just had a delicious meal from 911 Chef Meals. I highly recommend them. Great job!

Carol Carrone

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