Meet the Proprietor - Chazzie Hope Fallo
The struggle was real as a personal trainer, homeschooling mom, sports activities and
grocery shopping, I wanted to make a change for my family. That’s how 911 Chef Meals
started. I have always had a passion for clean, healthy eating for myself, but my children
were always left eating pizza, drive-thru or hot pockets.
I began making recue dinners in my home for my own family and families in need.
911 Chef Meals was created by a God given dream to help bring families closer together
and healthier than ever.
For years my clients would say “I don’t know what’s for dinner?” After being so
exhausted, my own question daily after was “What’s for dinner?”.  I knew I needed to
make a change for my family.
I began crafting meals that were kid friendly, that my kids and others would love (Sneaky Chef!). The key is to replace the MSG related products, creating traditional dishes they loved, that were cleaner and healthier.
I’m so honored and grateful to help “Rescue Your Dinner Dilemma©” and bring healthy eating to your home for the entire family to enjoy.