​Healthy, Traditional Meals for the Entire Family

​911 Chef Meals are here to rescue your dinner dilemma. What’s for dinner is the question I’ve heard for years. As a mother of three, I know dinner dilemma© is always the case.
At 911 Chef Meals we offer meals that are clean and healthy delivered to
your front door for the entire family (even your children).

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Orders must be placed each Friday by Midnight

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I have to say that we had the Option 3 tonight. The cheeseburger bacon casserole. It came with a wonderful mixed vegetable medley and a fresh spinach salad with beautiful vinaigrette. I'm thrilled.
Kristi Underwood Louque

Excellent fresh healthy meal choice! I’ll definitely be ordering again! I couldn’t purchase the ingredients for the price of this meal!
Kimberly Higgins

911 Chef Meals loves their customers. Thank you to everyone that has ordered and tried our meals.

Your dinner dilemma rescue©. Healthy eating for the entire family delivered to your door!